May 31, 2011
18 Candles + a Dose of Disrupt


I have been eighteen years old for just over ten days, and I feel ten times more enlightened, and more humbled already.  

In ten days, I’ve left my hometown of Seattle for my first trip to the Big Apple, attending TechCrunch Disrupt.  Day twelve finds me in Kansas City, Missouri, for my second day as an intern at the Kauffman Foundation.

Over the course of countless panels, fireside chats, and meeting entrepreneurs across the globe, Disrupt served a great launchpad in identifying the next big trends in tech, in addition to opening up new questions and thoughts to ponder. 

We are on the brink of a “societal revolution,” as Fred Wilson of Union Square Ventures puts it.  As founders, we are revolutionizing the way people approach a problem.  As leaders, we are revolutionizing how people think and behave.  As students, we are revolutionizing the way our peers + our following generations view the world.  As MPowered members, we are revolutionizing the way our campus evolves, empowering them to embrace entrepreneurship + entrepreneurial thinking as a way of life.

Such a revolution requires noise.  It requires interaction among many parties, and it requires collaboration and compromise as well.  It requires the promise of achieving a remarkable end result.  

Such a revolution requires certain key players.  It requires founders, leaders, and strong team members.  Are good founders always good leaders?  Are good leaders always good entrepreneurs?

These are questions I continue to search answers for as summer @ Kauffman progresses.  My biggest question lies here—what are the traits that produce a great entrepreneur?  While many have tackled this question, from Mark Suster to Thomas Zurbuchen and more, perhaps we can also examine the behaviors that lead us to become entrepreneurs.  Is it the competitive streak from playing sports throughout those teenage years?  Is it the persistence of learning an instrument as a child?  Perhaps a better understanding of where this entrepreneurial mindset stems from the is the first step to igniting an even more powerful societal revolution.

What are your thoughts?  Post to follow soon.

—And parents: instead of yet another bundle of gift cards, jewelry, or gadgets, considering purchasing your child a ticket to TechCrunch Disrupt for their next birthday.  You won’t regret it.

Thanks to the Kauffman Foundation for the great opportunity + ongoing summer of learning!

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